OPTe, Inc.

Helping People Bring
Great Ideas To Life

We believe people are capable of doing great things and fast developing technology constantly inspires them to do more.

OPTe is a tech startup focused on making web building limitless for everyone.

Our aim is to build a collaborative space with all the essential resources where people can easily create with endless possibilities.

We create a modern platform that enables anyone to create a website, connect with their customers, and build a lasting online presence for their brand and business.


WordPress Platform

OPTe’s all-in-one WP Platform combines all the best essentials for creating feature-rich websites online without limitations.

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Marketing Agency

We are continuously designing unique products, creative designs and communicating it in clever ways to the world.

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Education Matters

Raising the IT and design sector in Cambodia through providing real educational and work opportunities for aspiring individuals.

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We stand for the power of imagination and the ability of turning anything we can imagine into SOMETHING REAL.



First Who, Then What

Getting the right people on the bus is one of our fundamental priorities. We shape our culture to thrive far beyond any single leader by building an organization that can generate many great ideas over a long period of time.


Cultivate Leadership

We cultivate leadership through awareness and reflection, looking in the mirror for blame and out the window for praise. We build consensus by listening deeply to all perspectives and with the understanding that all points are valid. We believe in continuous improvement and always doing our best.



We build trust through open and honest communication, being impeccable with our word. We strive for clear communication and avoid making assumptions. We view transparency as an effective way in establishing an authentic culture and a company our customers can trust.


Embrace The “And”

We reject the “Tyranny of the OR” and embrace the “Genius of the AND.” We embrace both extremes across a number of dimensions at the same time—purpose AND profit, continuity AND change, freedom AND responsibility, discipline AND creativity, humility AND will, empirical analysis AND decisive action, etc.


Motivated By Impact

We consider the bigger picture knowing that our work goes beyond ourselves. We are service oriented and believe in giving first. We strive for an inclusive environment where everyone has the opportunity to make a difference on a local and global scale.


Think and Be Positive

We strive to approach things in a positive way with the understanding that everything is not always perfect. We believe our thoughts influence our outcome, therefore we are mindful on how we think and what we say.

We imagine it like dreamers and make it happen like doers.

Combining international specialists, certified qualifications, and inspiring minds.


Michael Love

Founder, President

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Michael is an agile style leader who maps the way, observes and learns, builds consensus, and actively engages his self development. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of consumer internet and software with a focus on product innovation and business development. Michael believes in autonomous work-ethic and
building a First Who, Then What oriented company and has more than 25 years of experience. He is extremely passionate about solving real issues for people.

OPTe World - Donald J. Guiney

Donald J. Guiney

Independent Non-Executive Director

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Don has over 30 year experience in private legal practice specializing in international capital market transactions. His role as a independent board member is advising on and overseeing: incorporation of OPTe and its subsidiaries, potential equity investor transactions, appropriate legal & tax structures, corporate governance, and strategies.

Chris Varin

Vice President, Customer Advocacy

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Jeremiah Williams

Vice President, Marketing

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OPTe World - Sunni Dawson

Sunni Dawson

Director of Planning & People

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Sunni, an Australian lawyer, has over 15 years of managing large scale projects and programs in government and non-government sectors. She has successfully driven statewide projects for government agencies, developing unique solutions to complex community issues, including disaster management. Her extensive experience in strategic and business planning, risk management and all aspects of corporate governance is an invaluable asset to OPTe. Sunni is an accredited mediator and is enthusiastic about communication and dispute resolution. She has also lectured at a post graduate level at Griffith University in Legal Practice. She combines her passions for organisational and people development, leadership and diversity to her role in OPTe.

Savoeun Ver

Social Media Manager

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Creative Director
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Great Vision Without Great People is Irrelevant!

We are curious, driven, compassionate, tenacious, autonomous, friendly, collaborative, communicative, supportive, and want to work with people who are the same.

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